Moonlight spreads an icy haze across the land,
Sunlight ends this with its blazing backhand.
A cheetah sprints across the Sahara to strike down its prey,
Underground there’s a worm inching through day by day.
High above the ground dwellers, a mountain rises in the sky,
But here comes the winding river to cleave across its side.

All powerful, oppressive kings cause revolting peasant gangs.
Here is the interweaving, white, black; Ying and Yang,
One is always necessary to keep the other in check,
You reach for happiness, choke, there’s a noose at your neck.
Fire rages across the forest, destroying everything in sight.
But the rains may come eventually to bring peace in the night.

When we talk about people, we say opposites attract.
Each has attributes that work together and counteract.
Other times we misname the positive and negative.
Our view is correct, ignore them, they’re crazy and alternative.
Different kinds of people lead to different ways to hate.
Can we see past our own needs, try not to frustrate?

Sometimes we think the world is balanced on a scale;
You are wronged, there’s supposed to be a result like blackmail.
The universe owes you justice, everything else is in your debt;
List your wrongs one after the other like the alphabet.
We get angry at the world for not giving us what we want.
We scream at people, text our frustrations in bold font.

An equal and opposite reaction for everything that happens,
Like inevitable discouragement to douse the passion.
Undeniable good results in an unbelievable evil.
Unachievable dreams breed unreasonable people.
There are millions of smiles lighting up this dark place,
But just as many crying children who believe they’re a mistake.

Opposing desires conflict inside my soul,
Do I want to feel entertained or reach my productivity goal?
Do I try to initiate, participate, or introvertly dissipate?
Every day it’s a struggle to rejoice; In hurting, celebrate.
I am living in this paradox full of judgment, skewing, contradiction,
Manifested fully in a pure lamb’s crucifixion.

Published by Peter Rogati

Peter Rogati is a 16-year-old that enjoys God’s creation and looking at it through the lens of Heaven. His favorite place to be is in the outdoors where he can conversate with his Father while trying to fathom the depths of His breathtaking masterpiece. He has been working on a piece of speculative fiction named The Monk for a few years now but feels like God is not rushing him to finish it. His goal in life is to be completely overcome by the Holy Spirit, so as to be prepared for Christ’s return.

3 thoughts on “Antithesis

    1. I am amazed with your linguistical skills.
      Your use of words give readers chills.
      Wonderfully descriptive and yet musically they rhyme.
      Please keep on writing and I will come back another time!


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