Human Rights

This poem is dedicated to each of the over 40 million babies who die every year due to abortion.

If you, or someone you know, is considering abortion, please know there are other options. Call 800-712-HELP to find help.

My child fights with every breath—
Totally, completely helpless.
As we all claim the choice, cry out, “Murder is the only option.”
One day, perhaps we’ll pray,
“Lord, forgive us. Somehow stop this!”
We will feel. . .

Firm indignation at the night,
At the fight that must be fought for human rights,
The fight that we must fight for human life.
Against private lies—
Against injustice.
Our flesh and blood dies;
I demand we be disgusted.
Torture and dismemberment of human bodies.
Our children.
Yet somehow, not yet fully persons.

Surgery is gory, yes.
Medical procedures often make masses nauseous.
But a true surgeon seals the incision, makes it smaller.
These doctors cut our souls and leave us hollow.
Their job: a cure,
Not death!
And yet we all hail Cain’s dark flag.

My child? Who will hear her will?
Holding on for breathe.
Pleading for protection.
Designated for dissection,
At the altar of autonomy and self-actualization.
A corpse—the future of our nation.
18 weeks into gestation.

Our destiny? Simply a glob of flesh, a clump of tissue?
Aren’t we all—living, breathing, complicated, clumps of lost carnality–
Chosen, called and claimed for eternality?
Yes, we can buy a lie in exchange for true reality,
Yes, anyone can choose to do what anyone wants—until there isn’t anyone left.

Or we can fight with every breath—
To help the helpless.
Not so totally, completely helpless after all.
We can claim the choice, cry out,
“Murder is no option.”
One day, perhaps we’ll pray,
“Lord, forgive us. Somehow stop this!
“Help us feel.”

Published by Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman is a 18-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama. He loves embarking in God-honoring relationships with both believers and non-believers. He wants to let go of all of himself, so that he can have all of God, and follow Him through all the ups and downs of lives. To obey with his whole heart, knowing it is the Lord’s faithfulness that ultimately fuels His obedience. He can’t wait for all things to be made new at Christ’s return.

11 thoughts on “Human Rights

  1. Oh God, may this bring us to our knees to plead for mercy and your supernatural intervention to stop this evil!


  2. Thanks, Jason, for highlighting this matter … a matter whose importance is impossible to overstate. It is the massive human rights issue of this generation … our slavery issue, our holocaust, our genocide … only worse. Lord, open the eyes of the blind. Lord have mercy!


  3. I am totally anti-abortion and I loved this poem! Very well written Jason!

    Also, my family and I have looked into watching Unplanned but we are VERY careful about what we watch and with it being rated R, we weren’t sure if it would be too gory. What did you think?


    1. Hi Erin! Thanks for reading.

      Yes. Unplanned is rated R—the MPAA attributes this to “some disturbing/bloody images.” While this rating surprised the producers, it points to the gravity of the topic being discussed.

      This is definitely not an easy (or fun) movie to watch. It leaves you in silence. That being said, and partly because of that, I would highly recommend the film.

      Abortion is a real injustice that happens in America (in our neighborhoods) every, single day. In order to feel the full impact, we must allow ourselves to see some of the gore and truly be horrified. Unplanned certainly does not glorify the violence (or even show it as bad as it truly is) but neither does it beat around the bush.

      Again, thanks for reading! Keep fighting for life!

      P.S. This is a good article on allowing ourselves to encounter the violence of abortion from


      1. Hey!

        Thanks for the info. I will look at that article on TheReb.

        Did you hear that a lot of states are working on passing a “fetal abortion law”? I think every state that’s had to vote on it has approved it! Basically, it makes ALL abortions illegal after a heartbeat is detected. 🙂



  4. Thanks for putting yourself out there for such a topic. Very well written. I had a similar reaction to the movie and feel prompted to be actively involved with the pro-life movement as much as is humanly possible. I’m sending you an email. Please be on the lookout.
    Blessings, Grandpa Pete


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