Alone in the Pain

Today we have a guest post from Erica Floret over at Undying Joy!!

The cold pierced my heart,
Bringing sorrow and fears.
My eyes glazed over –
Was this nightmare real?

I went about my tasks in a daze;
I was walking on air –
Didn’t dare look around.
Hope and fear mingled, blinding me.

Then it hit like a bullet;
This dream was no dream.
It was real, it was happening –
Happening to me.

My heart cried out loudly,
Yet to others ’twas a whisper.
“No! You can’t do this!”
I cried as I watched
The tapestry of family
Unravel from one loose thread.

But no one seems to notice
Just ignored it, just kept walking.
I wonder if they realize
That a hug is all I’m wanting?

I want to think they care for me;
I’m sure they’d say they do.
But we all know the truth-
Actions speak louder than words.

Can you convince me that you love me,
That you sympathize –
But no.
Your feeble attempts are barely a help;
How can I reach your heart?

My story of sorrow is met with a “sorry”.
That’s no comfort to me.
My heart now cries, “Care! Would you love me? Be there?”
But alas you turn your back to me again.

Christ is my only true friend, I can see.
He’ll listen and comfort and whisper He cares.
No, I don’t need you. I only need Him.
But would you help me to breathe?
Even point me to Him?


Erin Hill is a 16-year-old homeschool girl. She loves God, is fond of cats, and is passionate about writing, but she is also interested in counseling, gardening, and photography. She has been part of the Young Writer’s Workshop for a little over a year now and loves every bit of it! She also enjoys blogging about the things of God on her personal blog,

Published by Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman is a 18-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama. He loves embarking in God-honoring relationships with both believers and non-believers. He wants to let go of all of himself, so that he can have all of God, and follow Him through all the ups and downs of lives. To obey with his whole heart, knowing it is the Lord’s faithfulness that ultimately fuels His obedience. He can’t wait for all things to be made new at Christ’s return.

8 thoughts on “Alone in the Pain

  1. Oh Erica! My heart aches after reading your poem. I know that our Redeemer lives and is close to you and to all whose hearts are after our loving and tender God!


  2. Yes, Erica, my heart aches for you…the “feeling” of being alone with inner pain. Sometimes all that can help with the pain IS a hug…and, then, another one. You are not alone, sweet one.


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