Fight of the Night

Today we have a guest post from Madison Ruttle over at Lost In My Head!

to the fight of the night,
fight for being right–
The fight between me
and my guilty regrets;
The fight between
what I want
and who I want to be;
The fight between
and diffusion
of the truth.

The boxing bell rings,
commencing the fight.
The battle is full blown;
Punches are thrown
causing wounds to the bone.
I’m trying to win,
but I feel drowned out by the stress.

The fight seems never ending;
I’m growing weak.
My energy is ending,
but I won’t give up defending.

The battle could go either way,
but I know
that, even if today I loose,
I can strap on my boxing gloves
and try again.


Madison Ruttle is a 15-year-old writer of poetry and fiction/fantasy. These creative avenues, for her, are like a small door into her mind. When she’s away from the keyboard or notebook, though, she loves playing her ukulele, reading, or drawing. You can find her work at

Published by Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman is a 18-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama. He loves embarking in God-honoring relationships with both believers and non-believers. He wants to let go of all of himself, so that he can have all of God, and follow Him through all the ups and downs of lives. To obey with his whole heart, knowing it is the Lord’s faithfulness that ultimately fuels His obedience. He can’t wait for all things to be made new at Christ’s return.

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