About the Authors

Meet Jason!


Jason Zimmerman is an 18-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama. He loves embarking in God-honoring relationships with both believers and non-believers.

He wants to let go of all of himself, so that he can have all of God, and follow Him through all the ups and downs of lives. To obey with his whole heart, knowing it is the Lord’s faithfulness that ultimately fuels His obedience.

He can’t wait for all things to be made new at Christ’s return.

What You Can Expect from Jason


Jason is excited to learn about God’s relational work in the world, and how we together can be a part of it.

He loves the idea of being completely known and loved by the Creator of the Universe and learning to know and love Him back.

He also seeks to understand how to maintain a healthy need for human relationship without turning that need into idolatry and how to do relationship right (both with other humans, ourselves, and God) in the midst of a broken world.

Meet Peter!


Peter Rogati is a 17-year-old that enjoys God’s creation and looking at it through the lense of Heaven. His favorite place to be is the outdoors where he can conversate with his Father while trying to fathom the depths of His breathtaking masterpiece.

He has been working on a piece of speculative fiction named The Monk for a few years now, but feels like God is not rushing him to finish it.

His goal in life is to be completely overcome by the Holy Spirit, so as to be prepared for Christ’s return.

What You Can Expect From Peter


Peter desires to achieve deeper revelation of emotions and the human tendency, while finding the hope of God’s endless love in it all.

He finds it fascinating that God’s creation all blends together as an endless demonstration of worship, and tries to reflect a small portion of that through his writing.

Above all else he seeks to be real and honest with himself, and also share that with his friends and family, though it can sometimes be painful. Every single person is born with an overwhelming, raw hunger for God. And it is Peter’s desire to turn that hunger into a lifelong passion both in himself and others.

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