A Theory on the Evolution of Change

Since I left you, I have not felt anything strongly, at least not for an extended period of time. Neither great joy nor sadness. Not even a feeling of loss or emptiness at missing you. Simply a blank slate, choked up with facts. The subconscious consciously lying to the conscious and telling me that inContinue reading “A Theory on the Evolution of Change”

The Heavens Declare (from Psalm 19)

This poem is not meant to replace or add to Scripture, but to inspire us to understand and get re-enamored with its pages. You can find the Biblical text here. The heavens declare the glory of God. The blue bellows your name; celestial stars bursting into flame. They gladly proclaim your perfect goodness. Rainy teardropsContinue reading “The Heavens Declare (from Psalm 19)”

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