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We love guest posts; in fact we need them! We need to hear the many amazing things that you are learning, dwelling upon, and writing about.

What are your awkward truths? Send them to!

We post poetry, creative nonfiction, and short stories.

Before you submit. . .

Here are some guidelines we ask all our contributors (that’s you) to adhere to.

1. No inappropriate references allowed. All foul language, graphic violence, or explicitly sexual content is prohibited.

2. No plagiarism permitted. Plagiarism is stealing, and we will not publish such works. Plagiarised work that is submitted and/or published in error, will immediately be taken down on notice.

3. All works must be previously unpublished.

4. Submissions should be in general keeping with the mission statement of Awkward Truth, laid out on our Home page.

5. Although we work closely with our contributors, the occurrence of technical writing errors or sloppy stylistic choices is taken into account and may result in a rejected submission.

6. Email all content to as a Google docs or Microsoft Word Document. (Format your posts with the name of your piece at the top, then the name of the author before the actual content).

7. You may also include a photo and short biography of 50-75 words if you so desire.

8. If your submission is part of a series, let us know in your original submission. If you do not conform to this guideline, part of your series may be accepted and posted while the rest is rejected. Posting the first piece in a series does not guarantee the acceptance of subsequent parts of the series.

9. Though we mainly post poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, in certain instances, we may post other content if requested.

10. Though not required, we ask that our contributors link to their guest posts, once published, on their social media accounts, blogs, email lists etc.

Specific types of posts


No more than 400 words.

Short stories

Between 700-3000 words.

Creative Nonfiction

Types of creative nonfiction we post include prose poetry, journal entry type submissions, memoir, and personal experience articles. We do not accept (qualified by statement 9) nonfiction article submissions that are logic or argument-based (rather than experience-based) or that lean heavily on argumentation.

We ask that creative nonfiction posts be no more than 3000 words.

Creative nonfiction other than prose poetry must be more than 700 words.

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